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    photos of vertical blindsWe are all aware of the dangers of infection contracted in hospitals. Harmful bacteria such as MRSA and c.difficile cause an estimated 5000 deaths a year and cost the NHS millions of pounds. Careful consideration of the materials used in our hospitals can go a long way towards the fight against these HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections). Interblinds can now supply and install a range of blinds specially designed for hospitals to limit the spread of infections.

    These blinds are impregnated with an anti-microbial ingredient, which when added to the fabric, limits the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms. Although fabrics can be re-contaminated between hospital cleaning programmes, bacteria levels can be kept to an absolute minimum. Operating mechanisms are also treated, so that the entire product provides a complete anti-microbial system.

    Additionally, these blinds have been developed in conjunction with the NHS, so the colours and fabrics harmonise with the overall interior design

    Of course it is essential that Interblinds products are used in conjunction with good hygiene practices, such as increased surveillance, greater education and frequent hand washing.

    Hospital Blinds